Sunday, June 12, 2016

Google Code Labs

The best (and the easiest as well) way of learning is by doing. But to get the idea of what you need to do you need someone to tell you (this is the main purpose of this blog).

Google Code Labs are doing exactly that. In codelab, you go through the lesson and build a small app that contains some feature like Google Sign in, Android Pay, Face Detection etc.

There are also codelabs that teach you to use new tools of SDK and Android Studio like ConstraintLayout.

At the moment, I've tried one codelab called "Build a Material Design App with Android Design Support Library" and have learned about ViewPager and NavigationDrawer also you can learn how to implement flexible space with image during this code lab.

One flaw that me and my friend noticed is the lack of comments in the code. Most of the codelab you will be asked to copy/paste/rewrite some code to make things work the desired way.

But for me, it was an encouragement to learn about used thing trough reading docs and blog posts.

There are a plethora of codelabs for any kind of developer. Whether you want to learn about Android, The Web or Firebase integration there is a codelab for you. Also, there are codelabs about Google APIs, Unity game engine, Virtual Reality and even one about Google Codelabs.

There is the list of codelabs that I want to complete during this week and I think that you will be interested in them too.

Building Apps that Sign In with Google

The reason why I want to complete this is that I always signing in every app with Google account if there is a possibility to do so. All these registration steps exasperate me and if I can start using an app without them I will and I want my users to be able to do so.

Echo with Android Howie Library

This I want to pass because one of my friends asked me to build an app for introverts :). The idea is that you will record something like in Whats App but you instead of sending it to someone you will save it on your phone and will be able to listen to it later. And this codelab will help me with this app.

Using ConstraintLayout to design your views

When I saw ConstraintLayout at Google I/O Keynote I reacted skeptically. I still think that ability edit source code gives you more flexibility and control over layout that any drag-and-drop layout builder. 

But I want to give it a try. At the end of the day, developers (me as well) will send feedback about it and it'll become better with time.

Automated Performance Testing and Android Testing codelabs

Proper tests will never hurt your app. Actually, developers dislike testing because the main goal of it is to break your app. But in the perspective testing will help you to provide your users with high-quality product and updates. I think that it worth breaking your app if it will lead your app to success.

Face Detection with the Mobile Vision API

Do I even need to explain why I want to complete this codelab? 


Face detection is awesome! You can not only detect faces, with Mobile Vision you can also catch facial expressions, and all of it on MOBILE PHONE. We didn't even think about it 5-7 years ago and now it's just a deal of passing a codelab.

All these I want to complete in a week. Likely, I will update this post after completing every codelab and will tell you what I think about it. So be tuned in follow me on TwitterG+ and Facebook to not miss future updates.

It's pretty all for today. See you in the next one!